A preferred approach to strategy 

With personalized service, PREF identifies the ideal tax credit strategy to meet the financial objectives of our partners. While there are a variety of dollar for dollar tax credit programs available, our primary focus includes:

Georgia and other states offer film credits to production companies once a particular threshold in production expenses is reached. These tax credits are often sold or transferred to offset individual and corporate income tax. Each participating state has different statues regarding this common practice.

Low Income Housing
Georgia offers a variety of low income housing tax credits, a dollar for dollar credit against the Georgia individual and corporate income tax. PREF has access to several funds that contain credits available for purchase on a single-year basis.

Renewable Energy
Renewable energy tax credits are growing quickly in popularity as governments use them to encourage the advancement of renewable sources.

Several states sponsor mill development credits for non-income-producing as well as income producing properties. We market credits from income producing properties generated by the renovation of abandoned textile, tobacco or other industrial mills.

Historic tax credits, also known as rehabilitation tax credits, are awarded for projects that restore and preserve the architectural integrity of historic buildings and structures. These popular tax credits are offered by many states.